About darkdp.com

Let me tell "Who we are?"

We are gathered as a team to entertain you, to motivate you and we are the speculum to express your thoughts and feelings.

What we are doing?

We are creating QUOTES about those topics such as

  • Philosophy Status
  • Love Status
  • Famous Men Status
  • Friend Status
  • Relation Status
  • Sports Status
  • Attitude Status
  • Religious Quotes
  • Greetings
  • Proverbs
  • Inspirational Quotes

and so on. We assured that our contents will makes you feel blissful and thoughtful.

When we people turned ourselves from I to We?

We are the team who are working in United Arab Emirates and in India. We started working together since Feb 2020.

Why we named our website as dark dp?

People will attract by the dark color. Dark is the symbolization of power and mystery. Dark is not a positive or negative color but it is neutral. Dark color is associated with people’s emotions. So we are creating quotes in the dark background.

We were planned to update ourselves:

Changes never change. So we want to update our creativity. So we decided to provide a top 10 daily news in pictures and also we decided to provide status in numerous languages such as Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi.

We are "for you":

We are made ourselves available for you. Are you the person who are interesting to write poems to make your name famous in the poetry world? We are ready to make a platform for you. We are encouraging your talent. We value your thoughts. Let’s join with us to make us into we. If you are interested to writing poetry, send your creations to us with your name . We will post it in our website and we establish your talent in the world.

Do you like our quotes?

Are you enjoying by reading our quotes? Then why are you waiting? .. If you are attracted by our quotes, share it to your friends and family. Let them to read it and have pleasure by it.

How to contact us to establish your talent?


To: darkdp.com@gmail.com
Subject: category name such as motivational, love, religion.
Body: <-----------------------------------------
-------------------Poetry lines-----------------
<your name>

Members of our team:

Mohamed Moujudeen, DECE, BBA,

CEO and Head of Digital Marketing of Darkdp.com

Moujudeen is the CEO and Digital Marketing Head of Darkdp.com with good experience in design and digital marketing. He is focusing on increasing traffic of the website through different channels and platform. Currently he is located in United Arab Emirates. His thoughts and knowledge brings different ideas to darkdp.com

Arifa, BA Eng Lit,

Content Writer of Darkdp.com

She is focusing on content writing for darkdp.com, Her knowledge in English and literature will be main key point to improve the seo and quality of the website.